Feeling squirmy about your podcast interview skills?

Learn to lead inspiring conversations without any of the awkward.

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Yes! Make me a rockstar interviewer

Does this sound like you?


☑️  You started your podcast to show up as a leader. But now you worry that, in interviews, you come off sounding like an insecure robot. 


☑️ Breaking the ice with guests you’ve never met before feels forced and that sensation lingers.


☑️ Your conversations sound like job interviews. The kind that make people nervous.


If you feel sick before an interview and pray the guest cancels so you don’t have to go through with it, congratulations on being a totally normal human being. 


Most of us aren’t born with an innate interview ability. 


Interviewing is a skill that we develop through practice and preparation and by studying what’s worked best for others, then coming up with our own style.


Being a skilled interviewer is essential if you want your podcast to portray you as both an expert in your field, and as someone your ideal listener wants to work with.


Plus, no one will listen to a boring podcast. There are just too many other options out there. More than a million podcasts plus Netflix and everything else you’re competing with in life.


But, I come bearing good news, my friend.


You can dramatically improve your podcast interview skills in a few hours. Here's how...

This online course gives you instant access to trainings to learn how to:

  • show up like a leader during the interview and guide the conversation so your audience gets the most out of it
  • find a diverse range of your ideal podcast guests and get them to say ‘yes’ to coming on your show
  • set up your podcast guest booking system
  • come up with great questions and outline a show that delivers the most value for your audience
  • prevent podcast guest no-shows
  • break the ice with your guest by beginning the interview in a fun way that puts your guest at ease
  • record remote interviews that sound great (all the tech simplified)
  • interview with confidence even if you’re a rookie
  • get your guest to promote their episode
  • and more


Enroll in Podcast Interview Perfection

Get over the awkward and learn to lead conversations that inspire. 

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The course format

Podcast Interview Perfection is laid out to teach you everything you need to do before, during, and after an interview to ensure your podcast's success. Meaning:

  • You host unforgettable conversations listeners love
  • You're seen as the go-to leader in your niche
  • You feel completely at ease with your interview skills, as well as the tech side of things
  • You build relationships with guests that could become clients, affiliates, and/or collaboration partners

Enroll in Podcast Interview Perfection

If you want your podcast to elevate you as an expert in your field, you need to show up as a leader who can hold captivating conversations.


When you invest in Podcast Interview Perfection for just $197, you'll go from feeling like a podcast amateur to a pro who knows how to attract your ideal client through inspiring conversations.

Enroll in Podcast Interview Perfection